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It will be great to be back at The Monty for this solo acoustic showcase. I will be among several other talented songwriters and should be a whole lot of fun! I haven't done the acoustic thing in quite some time so you are in for a treat. I'll be featuring a brand new acoustic single as well as some songs I've written spanning my career as a songwriter.

We had a blast at Bisbee Social Club in January this year and we're coming back for more! The Bisbee audience was amazing and wouldn't let us go. There is more where that came from! Some of our friends got a hotel and made a weekend of it and I couldn't recommend that more. Can't wait to get back to the Copper Queen! (Red Hill Mining Town plays by U2)

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Art Happens! New Country-ish Single In the Works

Art happens! Sometimes you just can't stop the creativity train. It's been a productive year for songwriting and that includes this little gem. The song is called Halfway to Heaven and it is our version of a country rock balled…

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Brand New Single "Fire" released March 1st!

Our new single Fire is out on all streaming sites now! This one rocks extra hard so please use caution. Fire is a song about having a burning for someone who secretly likes you back and you know it. You…

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It's Finally Here!!

Welcome to our new website -!! Feel free to make yourself at home, look around, and start jamming out to some awesome music! If you feel the urge to support the band/music, we are, and always will be, forever…

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